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First things first, let’s talk about the comeback of a true racing superstar – Daniel Ricciardo is back in the game! The honey badger may be all smiles about his F1 race, but he will face a brutal reality check when he hits the track in Hungary.

And speaking of reshuffling, silly season has officially begun! It’s that time of the year when rumors, negotiations, and driver swaps dominate the headlines.

  1. Pit Stop Talks – Latest in-depth news ahead of Hungarian GP
  2. In-depth education: From Pit Stops to Plot Twists: Unveiling the F1’s Silly Season
  3. Fast Lane News – We’re here to keep you in the fast lane when it comes to F1 news, ensuring you never miss a beat.
  4. The Hungarian GP – Weekend schedule and track details

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f1 race reviewPit Stop Talks

🏆 Verstappen doesn’t need to win anymore

Max Verstappen is soaring to new heights! He doesn’t have to win another race in 2023 to be crowned champion. He’d claim the title even if he finishes in P2 for the rest of the season.

In the race for second place, Hamilton is closing in on Perez and Alonso. This battle is the one that will keep us on the edge of our seats.

Russel and Leclerc were locked in an intense battle, tied in points like a pair of well-matched socks before the British GP, but now Russel is breathing down the neck of Sainz with just one point behind.

🔵 Thin line between the veteran and the youngster at AlphaTauri

By the end of 2023, either Daniel Ricciardo or Yuki Tsunoda could be waving goodbye to their Formula 1 careers.

With just 12 Grand Prix left on the calendar, it’s now or never for these drivers to prove their mettle and secure their spots in the F1 hall of fame.

One currently has nothing to lose and everything to gain while the other has everything to lose and nothing to gain.


In other words, Ricciardo will end Tsunoda’s career in F1 racing or vice versa.

This clash may not get as much airtime as the flashy front-runners, but it’s a subplot worth keeping an eye on. – Read more

🗓️ F1 bosses say 24 races are a breaking point

Originally, the 2023 calendar had us revved up with anticipation for 24 thrilling races, but the Chinese GP had to take a raincheck due to effects of COVID-19. However, Shanghai is back in the game for 2024.

Team bosses are feeling the pressure and agree that 24 races might just be the breaking point.

I think, all in all, it is probably not far from the limit of what we can do or what we can accept. But I think it is down to the teams to find ways of making this sustainable for their employees.

Aston Martin’s Mike Krack

It’s a balancing act between thrilling fans around the world and keeping the teams sane. Other bosses agree on introducing more rotations for their employees. – Read more

The life is much easier for me than for the mechanics. First of all we have to keep this in mind, that if someone could complain, it’s more the mechanics than the team principals. For them we are trying to start rotation, and to have this kind of story.

Ferrari’s Fred Vasseur

🌧️🏁 Does F1 have a solution for wet-weather danger?

Formula 1 is on a mission to tackle the wet-weather dangers and make sure the drama unfolds safely on the track

You know, those rain-soaked races always bring an extra thrill to the weekends, but let’s face it, sometimes the spray from the cars in front turns visibility into a soggy mess.

Mercedes and McLaren have tested some nifty contraptions called wheel arches, which are designed to reduce the amount of spray that cars throw up, keeping the track clearer than a polished trophy.

Now, let’s rewind a bit. Remember the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix? It was a rainy day, and unfortunately, Jules Bianchi had a tragic accident colliding with a crane.

It was a wake-up call for the sport to address the dangers of wet conditions. Fast forward to last season, and Pierre Gasly narrowly escaped a crane incident in similar wet conditions at the same circuit.

So, after some serious head-scratching and brain-storming, the FIA decided it was time for action. They’re taking inspiration from the mishaps and the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix washout. – Read more

⚙️ F1 cars development competition

The British Grand Prix just pulled out all the stops. 10 teams battling it out on the legendary Silverstone circuit, each hoping to give Red Bull a run for their money, and nine out of those ten teams stepped up their game and made improvements to the car.

McLaren showcased a fresh chrome livery and introduced several upgraded components, including revamped sidepods, a redesigned floor, an upgraded halo, and an engine cover. They also unveiled a new front wing aimed at improving aerodynamics.

Mercedes made changes to their front wing, adopting a more rounded contour, and transformed the shape of the car’s nose.

Ferrari introduced a new beam wing design, similar to Red Bull’s, to enhance rear stability and airflow dynamics.- Read more

f1 race reviewFrom Pit Stops to Plot Twists: Unveiling the F1’s Silly Season

Formula 1 never fails to enthrall fans with its high-speed action and intense rivalries. As the 2023 season reaches its halfway point, the drama is not limited to the circuits alone. It’s time for the silly season.

Now, when you hear the term “silly season,” you probably think of all the absurdity that reality TV, Hollywood, and the media throw at you. You know, those remarkably ridiculous moments that leave us scratching our heads and questioning the state of humanity.

Well, Formula 1 has its own version of this madness.


f1 race reviewFast Lane News

🇪🇸 Madrid GP is happening! The President of the Executive Committee of IFEMA says they know when they will sign the contract with F1. – Read more

💼 Teams are not convinced as the meeting which will decide the future of tire warmers in the next season approaches. – Read more

🇫🇷 French President Emmanuel Macron wants Formula 1 to return to his country – with a street race in Nice as a possible candidate. – Read more

🏫 The F1 in Schools initiative has announced a record number of entries for its 2023 world finals, which it claims reflects growth in the championship’s younger audience categories. – Read more

📖 Alpine team principal Otmar Szafnauer says that Renault is happy with the 2026 Formula 1 power unit regulations and doesn’t back the push for an adjustment.

☠️ Toto Wolff addresses F1-FIA division danger. – Read more

🤞 F1 hopes this small tweak can avoid a Spa 2021 repeat – Read more

🟠 Mick Schumacher wouldn’t say no to another test with McLaren after getting behind the wheel of one of the team’s F1 cars for the first time. – Read more

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