F1 Testing is Done

F1 testing is done. See what to expect of the first race in 2024 – The Bahrain GP.

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Hey there, Lap Leader! 👋

After 3,695 laps completed across three days in Bahrain, we have a pretty good understanding of how teams are looking at the start of the season.

From unexpected pace setters to the drain covers nightmare, the stage is set for an electrifying championship battle.

We have a lot to cover, but once you’re done, you’ll be ready for next weekend’s race in Bahrain.

Let’s get going.

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Pit Stop Talks

📊 Pre-season Testing Charts Time

Today’s Best lap times with compounds and day time:

The Race Simulations show that Ferrari has a sizeable advantage over McLaren! (+0.975s/lap on average)

On hards, the gap grew to 2s/lap!

Improvement over last year’s race:

  • Ferrari: -1.48s/lap➡️From 4th fastest to 1st
  • McL: -0.54s/lap➡️From 6th to 2nd

10kg fuel ~ 0.3s/lap

Source: Formula Data Analysis

Track dominance in Day 3 of Testing:

  • Leclerc dominated the track, getting the fastest lap.
  • He was followed by Russel, Zhou and Verstappen within 0.4s.
  • Fastest F1 Testing time in 2024 vs fastest 2023 testing time:
    • -1.565s Williams
    • -1.130s McLaren
    • -1.103s Ferrari
    • -0.701s Alpine
    • -0.486s RB
    • -0.296s Mercedes
    • -0.291s Aston Martin
    • -0.180s Sauber
    • +0.305s Haas
    • +0.374s Red Bull

🔴 Leclerc Leads Final Bahrain Test Day

Charles Leclerc finished the final day of F1 pre-season testing in Bahrain with the fastest lap, hinting at a strong start for Ferrari. The day was marked by a continuous session due to an early red flag, with teams maximizing their track time ahead of the season opener.

Source: motortsport.com


Between the lines

  • Leclerc’s fastest lap of 1m 30.322s on C5 tyres outpaced George Russell by a mere 0.04s, showcasing Ferrari’s potential.
  • A disrupted morning session, caused by Perez’s encounter with a drain cover, led to a non-stop run to the day’s end.
  • Track conditions in the evening mirrored those expected for the Bahrain Grand Prix, providing teams with valuable data.
  • Max Verstappen and Yuki Tsunoda showed Red Bull’s strong form, while Alex Albon racked up the most laps for Williams.
  • With pre-season testing wrapped up, teams are now analyzing data to refine their strategies for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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🟠 McLaren Faces Minor Setbacks in Bahrain Testing

Despite challenges, McLaren maintains competitive pace during day two of pre-season testing in Bahrain.

Catch up quick:

  • Piastri and Norris’ Performances: Oscar Piastri managed 35 laps before track issues cut his session short, while Lando Norris completed 52 laps, securing the fourth fastest time of the day.
  • Technical Troubles: The team encountered a fuel system issue among other minor setbacks, affecting their testing schedule.
  • Positive Outlook: Despite the hiccups, both drivers and the team’s head of testing, José Manuel López, remain optimistic, focusing on the data collected and the progress made with the MCL38.

With Oscar, we completed some rake work to collect data for our aerodynamics team as part of a combined programme across both mornings, as well as some set-up work. We still collected a lot of data and learned more and more about the MCL38. We used the extra time in the afternoon session with Lando to collect more aerodynamic data and study some characteristics.

McLaren’s head of testing José Manuel López

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📊 Estimated race pace based on simulations:

Source: Motorsport Total


  • Red Bull
  • Mercedes +0,45
  • Ferrari +0,5
  • Aston Martin +0,55
  • McLaren +1,1
  • Racing Bulls +1,15
  • Williams +1,3
  • Sauber +1,45
  • Alpine +1,5
  • Haas +1,6

Verstappen Urges Action on Loose Drain Covers in F1

Max Verstappen highlights the pressing need to fix loose drain covers on F1 circuits, citing the heightened risk with current high downforce cars.

Source: SkyNews


Between the lines:

  • Recurring Issue: Recent Bahrain test sessions were halted due to dislodged drain covers, mirroring past incidents, including significant damage to Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari in Las Vegas.
  • Driver Safety Concerns: Verstappen, along with other drivers, emphasizes the danger loose covers pose, advocating for thorough pre-race checks to prevent car damage and ensure safety.
  • Budget Cap Implications: The potential for costly damages from such incidents is a concern, especially under F1’s budget cap constraints.

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Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso believes that 19 of the 20 Formula 1 drivers already know from pre-season testing in Bahrain that they will not win the championship in 2024.

I think Max is the world champion and Red Bull is dominating the sport. Also, the concept that they presented this year, it’s also a surprise. At the moment, we just have to watch them and see how they perform. I think 19 drivers in the paddock now will think that [they] will not win the championship. It happens 99% of the time in your career. This is a brutal sport.
I would say, I think after seeing Max and the Red Bull car this year, there are less chances for everybody to win a race this year. But this is how it is.

Fernando Alonso

F1 Movies List

The allure of Formula 1 has gone beyond the race tracks and found a permanent place in cinema.

The high-octane world of F1 racing offers a perfect blend of speed, technology, competition, and human drama, making it an ideal subject for filmmakers.

Throughout the years, the cinema screens have hosted numerous films that delve into everything from the sport’s rich history and its biggest stars to the intense personal and professional battles that take place both on and off the track.

These films range from nail-biting documentaries that offer an in-depth look at the sport’s most thrilling seasons, to biographical dramas centering on iconic figures who have shaped the face of F1.

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The Bahrain GP


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