Race weekend news. FP updates & analysis

Practice 1 & 2 are ready and we have a pretty good idea on the new cars setup and expectations for the weekend.

After the first two practice rounds at Jeddah Red Bull still leading the pack, while Aston, Mercedes and Alpine look tightly packed right behind. Leclerc and Sainz are in P9 and P10 after their first quali simulations.

Keep reading to see the latest updates on the cars, practice times & analysis of how everyone performed.

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🏎 Practice 1 TOP 10

  1. Verstappen 1:29.617

  2. Perez +0.483

  3. Alonso +0.698

  4. Stroll +0.960

  5. Russell +1.154

  6. Hamilton +1.170

  7. Sainz +1.307

  8. Gasly +1.332

  9. Albon +1.413

  10. Tsunoda +1.493

🏎 Practice 2 TOP 10

  1. Verstappen – 1:29.603

  2. Alonso +0.208

  3. Perez +0.299

  4. Ocon +0.436

  5. Russell +0.467

  6. Gasly +0.497

  7. Stroll +0.507

  8. Hulkenberg +0.578

  9. Leclerc +0.738

  10. Sainz +0.989

Each Team’s gap to the leader on their Ideal Lap in Saudi FP1 – Source

🛞 Tech Updates teams have brought in Jeddah:

Red Bull: Beam Wing, Rear Wing (Flap & Endplate)
Ferrari: Front Wing (Endplate), Beam Wing, Floor Edge
Mercedes: Rear Wing (Flap), Floor Fence
Alpine: Beam Wing
McLaren: Rear Wing, Diffuser
Alfa Romeo: Front Wing (Flaps), Rear Wing (Main Plane)
Aston: Front Wing (Flaps), Rear Wing (Flap), Beam Wing
Haas: Front Wing (Flaps), Rear Wing (Flap)
AlphaTauri: Rear Wing
Williams: Front Wing (Gurneys), Beam Wing, Rear Brake Winglets, Front Brake
Ducts (Exit), Engine Cover (Gurneys)

Angela Cullen is moving on from Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton has announced that after seven years his physiotherapist and trainer Angela is “taking the next steps to pursue her dreams” and so is no longer working with him. Toto Wolff confirmed that it was Lewis Hamiltons decision to split from Angela Cullen.

🔴 New ICE & MGU-H for Leclerc, alongside his third CE (which is the 10-place grid penalty)
🔵 Sergio Perez gets new gearbox. No penalty.
🔴Carlos Sainz also gets a new ICE. No penalty for him.
🟠 Lando Norris has a new MGU-H, ICE and Turbocharger. No penalty for him either.- Link

Formula 1’s penalty points system has been readjusted for 2023 to avoid the risk of drivers facing race bans for a run of minor offences.
Only unsafe driving offenses will now warrant penalty points, track limits will no longer count.- Link

Jerome d’Ambrosio has joined Mercedes as driver development director. He is a former grand prix racer and Formula E team boss. – Link

Esteban Ocon met with the FIA to discuss the penalty he received in the Bahrain Grand Prix for failing to line up in his starting position correctly. – Link

The FIA has moved the third DRS detection point at Jeddah until after the final corner to avoid dangerous antics at this weekend’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Drivers would sometimes avoid passing the car in front on the back straight, so they could still enjoy DRS on the following main straight, leading to defending cars to brake erratically to force the overshoot. – Link

Mercedes summoned (again) because Lewis Hamilton’s jewellery. Subsequently no further action decision released on basis of medical grounds – Link


🏁 Some more interesting news

Diego Tondi becomes the new Head of Aero at Ferrari. The Italian came along with two engineers from Red Bull – Link

F1 talks on London Grand Prix reported as new street circuit plans revealed – Link

Saudia Arabia has declared itself open to hosting a second round of the F1 championship in the country, specifically at Qiddiya, the Kingdom’s new mega entertainment complex that is currently under construction. – Link

Alpha Tauri Team Boss says he doesn’t trust his engineers anymore after the bad start of the championship. – Link

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