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  4. The Dutch GP – Circuit information & fun facts

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f1 race reviewPit Stop Talks

🏝️ Formula 1 drivers’ vacations in review.

Summer’s over, and Formula 1’s finest are swapping suntans for speed, packing bags for the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort. Idyllic vacations? Done. Competition’s calling!

Hefty salaries meant no tough times for these drivers. Parties at Tomorrowland with Martin Garrix? Check! Norris and Piastri rubbing elbows at the British Motorcycle Grand Prix? Done!

ricciardo russel usuhaia ibiza

Bottas turned into “Duffman” on his bike, while Verstappen, Alonso, and Hamilton trained all summer – no palm trees for these guys.

bottas duffman

But don’t fret, beach bums like Ocon, Gasly, Leclerc, Sainz, and Russell did their part, soaking up the sun and recharging by the sea.

Back to the grind? You bet. But they’re coming back with a tan and a throttle hand! 🏎️ 🌴

🧐 Felipe Massa claims the 2008 world championship!

The 2008 championship season got its fair share of drama thanks to the crashgrate controversy.

During the Singapore GP, Nelson Piquet Jr. purposely crashed to trigger a Safety Car, giving his teammate Fernando Alonso a helping hand, who ended up snagging the win. Later on, the whole stunt earned Renault one of the harshest penalties in history.

During that race, Felipe Massa had his own share of misfortunes. He had to stop after the Safety Car came out, suffering a refueling problem and finishing thirteenth. Meanwhile, his main competitor for the championship, Lewis Hamilton, managed to secure third place.

The championship season came down to a nail-biting final race, where Hamilton just managed to squeeze past the Brazilian driver by a single point. No doubt, if that embarrassing incident hadn’t unfolded at the Singapore GP, the story would’ve taken a completely different turn.

Now, 15 years later, Massa’s taken the legal route, gunning for compensation for the losses incurred due to the crashgate debacle, and also hoping to get that championship title.

As the summer break wraps up, things are getting seriously heated. Is it time to crown Felipe Massa as the rightful champion? If that happens, Hamilton’s “seven-time world champion” status could be in for a rewrite. – Read More (ES)

🎙️ Fernando Alonso unveils astonishing insights into the world of F1

Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso appeared on the High Performance podcast last week, where he unveiled many insights about the world of Formula 1. The podcast also delved deeper into the human and personal aspects of the driver.

The Spaniard reviewed his sports career from its beginnings, his two world championships, his time at Ferrari, and the 2 years he spent away from F1, which changed his perspective on things.

I saw Formula 1, which is, in motorsport, very different than other categories. [It’s] much more selfish, much more glamorous in a way, but fake in another way. I think it was more pure motorsport [at] Le Mans, IndyCar or Dakar for sure

Here’s the full podcast for you to grab some popcorn and have a good time!

f1 race reviewWhat is Brake Balance in F1? (Brake Bias explained)

Brake balance is one of the most crucial tools when driving a Formula 1 car, yet many people are unaware of its true nature.

Despite often going unnoticed, brake balance is essential for achieving a flawless qualifying lap or executing overtakes during a race.

Next, we’ll delve into everything about brake balance in Formula 1! Buckle up, because there are some twists and turns ahead!


f1 race reviewFast Lane News

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✅ Haas in the 2018 season: 93 points
🔻 Haas from 2019-2023: 79 points

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f1 race reviewTHE DUTCH GP 2023

🇳🇱 Scheduled 25-27 August

1️⃣ Circuit length: 4.259 km
2️⃣ Number of laps: 72
3️⃣ Lap record: 1:11.097 Lewis Hamilton (2021)
4️⃣ Corners & DRS: 14 corners with 2 DRS zones

10 Interesting facts about the Dutch Grand Prix

  • The Dutch Grand Prix track wasn’t designed by John Hugenholtz but by Dutch motorcycle enthusiasts and Sammy Davis, a Le Mans winner.
  • Jim Clark, the Scotsman, boasts the most Dutch Grand Prix wins, claiming victory in ’63, ’64, ’65, and ’67.
  • Max Verstappen’s 2021 win made the Netherlands the twelfth country to have a Formula 1 winner. It was the first time a new country has joined this particular list since Fernando Alonso won his home race for the first time at the 2006 Spanish Grand Prix.
  • Clark led the most laps at Zandvoort (370), with Ascari and Lauda trailing at 180.
  • Niki Lauda’s last Formula 1 victory was at the Dutch Grand Prix in 1985.
  • Jackie Stewart’s 26th win in ’73 surpassed Jim Clark’s F1 wins record, which stood until ’87.
  • The 1973 race saw Roger Williamson’s fatal accident, with David Purely awarded for bravery.
  • Graham Hill’s first podium finish was at the Dutch Grand Prix in 1960.
  • Verstappen holds the record for most points scored in the Dutch Grand Prix with 51.
  • 54 different drivers have stood on the Zandvoort podium in 32 F1 races.

We’ve also covered the Dutch GP history & Zandvoort Circuit in detail in our previous issue. You can read everything about it here.

f1 race reviewMEME OF THE DAY