DRS out of F1 Qualifying?

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Summer’s heat is on, and so are the racing rumors! Time to reveal what’s behind the murmurs.

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If you’ve been eagerly waiting for some dramatic shake-ups during this silly season, I feel you. It’s been rather quiet on the rumor mill. Not a single contract extension to report – can you believe that?

That said, there’s an intriguing whisper around the paddock: Sergio Perez might have a unique clause in his Red Bull contract. The word is, if he falls behind his teammate in points, the team might just take a slice off his paycheck. Ouch, right?

And that’s not all – the FIA is reportedly gearing up for some changes to the DRS system.

Even in quieter times, the racing world never truly stops. Let’s zoom in!

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f1 race reviewPit Stop Talks

🛑 New DRS Tweaks May Halt Red Bull

F1’s thinking about tweaking DRS, and it might shake Red Bull’s winning streak.

Currently, teams use DRS in both races and qualifying. Auto Motor Und Sport says the potential rule change might limit its use to only during races.

Red Bull’s advanced DRS, crafted by Adrian Newey’s crew, gives them an edge, reducing more drag than rivals. It’s so effective that many believe it’s the reason behind their dominance.

Fans are grumbling. Red Bull’s predictably winning all 12 races this season! Verstappen snagged 10 and Perez 2. They’re leading with 503 points, leaving Mercedes trailing by 256.

Though F1’s CEO, Stefano Domenicali, previously ruled out curbing Red Bull’s performance, this DRS change might do just that.

Some in the F1 community are torn: it’d make races thrilling, but is it fair to pull back Red Bull for acing their game? – Read more

🚨 Replacement Alert: Five Drivers Facing F1 2024 Exit

  1. Kevin Magnussen

KMag wowed us with his ‘viking comeback’ in 2022. He even led in Brazil! So why’s his seat in danger for 2024?

His contract ends this year, and compared to his teammate, Nico Hulkenberg, he’s been lagging. Could Ferrari-affiliated Antonio Giovinazzi replace him? With his recent Le Mans win, it’s possible.

  1. Logan Sargeant

He’s a rookie who’s yet to earn a point. Despite his standout rookie F2 season, his best F1 result has been 11th in Bahrain.

He’s a marketer’s dream being the only American racer, especially as F1 gains popularity in the US. But if he doesn’t pick up the pace, especially since Alex Albon’s shown the car’s potential, he might be out.

Mercedes-backed drivers like Fred Vesti and Mick Schumacher might be in the running for his seat.

Zhou’s been good, especially in Hungary, but Theo Pourchaire might want his seat. Pourchaire, the youngest ever F2 Feature Race winner, tops the F2 standings and is backed by Sauber Academy.

Zhou’s team, including Valtteri Bottas, hasn’t shone this year, but Bottas has a contract till 2025. Zhou might want to up his game in the latter half of this year.

  1. Sergio Perez

Despite Christian Horner’s assurances, Perez might lose his 2024 seat.

Despite his contract, Red Bull does have a history. More twists than a racetrack! Remember how they replaced Nyck de Vries with Ricciardo? And Daniel Kyvat with Max Verstappen? And Alex Albon with Pierre Gasly, to eventually drop him and take Sergio Perez?

Earlier this week, a rumor started that there’s a clause in Checo’s contract: if he’s 125 points or more behind Max (which he is now), Red Bull might reduce his pay.

Ricciardo might reclaim a top Red Bull seat, but he’s technically ‘on loan’ at AlphaTauri. He’s done well, outshining Nyck De Vries.

If he can outpace Yuki Tsunoda in the second half, he might pressure Red Bull. But if Tsunoda shines brighter, Liam Lawson, fresh from Super Formula, might be considered. Let’s see how he performs post-break!

💨 Zandvoort brings “fresh air” to F1

When the Dutch Grand Prix made a comeback after 36 years in 2021, and showed us a glimpse of what the future of F1 could look like. They went above and beyond to offer fans a thrilling experience, not just on the track but off it too.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali couldn’t help but tip his hat to Zandvoort. Even with an older facility, they managed to host a spectacular event.

They had everything – passionate fans, entertainment, music, and community spirit. All of it was particularly amazing, considering the venue’s size and infrastructure.

Domenicali felt the Dutch GP was perfect in blending sports, entertainment, and fan engagement. Sure, the ‘Max Verstappen magic’ could have filled the stands on its own, but Zandvoort wasn’t about to just rely on their local hero’s charm.

It was interesting because it was totally aligned with our vision of having events that have to be different from place to place, and unique in terms of the offering to the fans. It has been an incredible fresh air coming into the system.

Stefano Domenicalli

Beyond just entertainment, Zandvoort is going green and in style. The Dutch love their bikes, and given Zandvoort’s location, most visitors use public transport or bikes.

In fact, 97% used sustainable transport methods last year, and they aim for 100% by 2025.

And then there’s the track. Zandvoort’s seaside location limited its expansion. So, they introduced banked turns to make the races more thrilling. Domenicali believes this can be a template for other venues in the future. – Read more

 📈 High demand for 2025 Red Bull seat

Christian Horner’s lips are no longer sealed. He’s confirmed a surge of interest in Red Bull’s 2025 F1 seat, and it’s not just the familiar faces. Beyond the club, other drivers are also casting eager glances.


While Max Verstappen’s all set until 2028, Sergio Perez’s 2024 contract end sparks speculations. Perez is eager to stick around, but Daniel Ricciardo, now at AlphaTauri, is eyeing a comeback to Red Bull’s premier squad. Yuki Tsunoda and rising star Liam Lawson aren’t far behind in the race.

Outside the Red Bull sphere, Lando Norris and rookie Oscar Piastri have shown interest. And Charles Leclerc? His impending contract end with Ferrari has raised a few eyebrows, though a Red Bull move might be a stretch.

Lastly, ex-Red Bull star Alex Albon, now shining with Williams, makes for an intriguing possibility, albeit a remote one. – Read more

f1 race reviewUnpacking DRS: F1’s Overtaking Game-Changer

Imagine a world where Formula 1 cars couldn’t overtake with grace and ease; that’s a world without DRS.

Born from the minds of racing’s brightest engineers, the Drag Reduction System has revolutionized the thrill of the chase on the track. It’s more than just a fancy gadget; it’s a game-changer that’s altered the dynamics of the sport.

Dive into the mechanics, the history, and the inventive spirit behind this groundbreaking technology that keeps us on the edge of our seats every race day.


f1 race reviewFast Lane News

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f1 race reviewTHE DUTCH GP

🇳🇱 Scheduled 25-27 August

Circuit Zandvoort

1️⃣ Circuit length: 4.259 km
2️⃣ Number of laps: 72
3️⃣ Lap record: 1:11.097 Lewis Hamilton (2021)
4️⃣ Corners & DRS: 14 corners with 2 DRS zones

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